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Today we bring you more of  People's Project LA kids !  We are in love with these beautiful pieces for summer.  Such a fun and fashion forward company, they have simply nailed tween fashion as far as we are concerned. Lily is wearing the Zinnia woven dress, click  here  to see more of this beautiful look.  It's flowy and light-weight for summer, with a gorgeous floral print.  What more could you want in a sundress?   Gracie is wearing the  Penny knit top  with  Lilly woven shorts .  The lace detail on this open sleeve top is just gorgeous, and the ruffle on the shorts give it just the perfect touch of femininity.  We completed our outfits with aviators, and our favorite summer sandals.  When clothes are this beautiful, it's easy to keep accessories at a minimum! These girls love sister outfits that coordinate but don't always want to be twinning.  This feminine floral print comes in the dress you see on Lily, the shorts Gracie is wearing, and also a top

Classic Girl Clothing

We are so excited to bring you these gorgeous sundresses from Classic Girls Clothing today.  Classic Girl clothing has fun and age appropriate vintage-inspired dresses girls love to wear.   These "Walk on the Beach" dresses are THE perfect dress for Summer.  They come in three beautiful colors: chambray, yellow, and pink linen.   The colors are so vibrant and cheerful, the girls couldn't help but smile during our photoshoot.  They really are the ideal tween dresses - youthful, stylish, sweet and simple! We love, love, love the linen light-weight material of the dresses.  The cut of the dress is so classic, it really works for so many occassions.  From school days, to walking on the beach, or a fancy dinner or summer wedding, these dresses are so versatile you could wear them to any and all. We paired our vintage white sunglasses with these gorgeous dresses for our beach shoot.  No shoes required for walking on the beach, but we think a simple ball

Lovely in Lilly

Today Gracie is sharing her favorite maxi dress for summer by Lily Pulitzer.  Gracie loves the beautiful colors of Lilly clothing and the unique cut of this dress had her at hello. We live near the ocean so maxi dresses and beachy prints are right up our alley.  The vibrant colors of Lilly Pulitzer are something Gracie has always been drawn to! The side slits of this adorable dress make it so easy to walk in.  We absolutely love the little details of this dress.  The white lace embellishments around the slit and neckline really make the dress pop! Finding age appropriate maxi dresses for tweens isn't always easy, but Lilly Pulitzer dresses are always on the conservative side, completely sweet and beautiful for young girls. Now let's talk accessories.  You can't go through summer without the perfect beach bag.  Gracie is at the age where she carries her own towel, sunscreen, sunglasses, hats etc. to the beach with her.  This straw bag from H&M is just th

Munki Munki PJ's

We are so excited to bring you something new...  Sleepwear from  Munki Munki PJ's !  These PJ's are so cute and comfy.  Who says you can't be trendy and stylish even while you sleep?  This new line of Disney PJ's is absolutely adorable.  The color combos are so pretty and there are 4 characters to choose from: Tinkerbell, Jasmine, Belle, and Minnie Mouse.   We think these PJ's would make a perfect gift for a birthday girl.  So much fun for sleepovers!   The girls love that the fabric is soft and breathable, you can wear them year round.  There is just enough give and stretch in them to make them super comfy. Twinning is so much for for tweens, why not take it to the next level with matching PJ's?  Unique and fun, these hand-drawn styles are a little more mature than the typical disney prints we are used to seeing for younger girls.  They were a big hit with this crew! Go check out  Munki Munki PJ's   and use our code 20SLUMBER for