Munki Munki PJ's

We are so excited to bring you something new...  Sleepwear from Munki Munki PJ's!  These PJ's are so cute and comfy.  Who says you can't be trendy and stylish even while you sleep? 
This new line of Disney PJ's is absolutely adorable.  The color combos are so pretty and there are 4 characters to choose from: Tinkerbell, Jasmine, Belle, and Minnie Mouse.  
We think these PJ's would make a perfect gift for a birthday girl.  So much fun for sleepovers!  
The girls love that the fabric is soft and breathable, you can wear them year round.  There is just enough give and stretch in them to make them super comfy.
Twinning is so much for for tweens, why not take it to the next level with matching PJ's?  Unique and fun, these hand-drawn styles are a little more mature than the typical disney prints we are used to seeing for younger girls.  They were a big hit with this crew!

Go check out Munki Munki PJ's  and use our code 20SLUMBER for 20% off!  We think you'll love them as much as we do!  Thanks for stopping by, as always.  Have a fabulous weekend and stay stylish!


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