Denim Dresses For All

Spring denim is here and we're so happy to share it with you this week!  It is super fun to mix the rugged look of denim with the feminine look of lace or tulle.  So whether you're a girl who loves to dress up or you prefer more of a casual look, these denim dresses are the way to go.  Youthful, stylish, and comfortable... they are a must-have for every girl this season. 

Gracie's adorable dress is from Guess girls.   The rolled sleeves, tie front top, and sparkle dots are just a few of the reasons we love this dress.  It's a perfect transitional piece from Winter to Spring.

Lily's lovely dress is also from Guess girls.  The black lace detail had us at hello.  It's soft and lightweight, the perfect outfit for school or playing at the park this spring.

Make it Your Own

For a playful vibe, add a baseball cap and comfy high tops to this denim look.    Spring prints like these butterflies we found at H&M add just the right touch of girly... and who can resist a pair of metallic Converse for that added touch of shine?

Accessorize It
Small stylish backpacks are one of our favorite accessories, they are so practical for kids and tweens.  We love the added touch this simple black and white bag from Claire's gives to any Spring outfit.  

Make it Fun

Most importantly, have fun with your fashion this spring.  That's what it's all about!  It's the season of everything growing beautifully, including you.  Let your wardrobe reflect it.  We love that you've stopped by for Denim in fashion.  Stay tuned for more to come this week...

What she's wearing:
Gracie - Denim dressHatshoes
Lily - Denim dressShoesBag


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