Strong Selfie Subscription Box

This week we are bringing you a special treat from Strong Selfie subscription box!  We were so excited to collaborate with this awesome company who provide girls with a quarterly goodie box that empower girls to be their strong self(ie).  The boxes are filled with health(ie) smart(ie) funn(ie) & beaut(ie) products she'll love... with positive messages she deserves to hear.

We received the Bloom Box which is geared towards girls age 8-12.   The boxes come with 4-6 trendy products which encourage girls to not only feel good about themselves, but lift up other girls as well.  We LOVE that!!

Our box came with this pretty pink jacket that Gracie is wearing along with the other adorable items the girls are holding!  It was so much fun to open the box and see what surprises were inside.

Lily is obsessed with these sour gummy bears that came in our box.  She loves the super fun flavors and I love that they are made with simple ingredients - no artificial anything!  Her other fave is this adorable day planner.  What busy tween doesn't need a stylish orgaziner to help them plan their week?!

Gracie is just getting to the age of putting a little extra care into her skin care routine.  This natural line of facial products for girls could not have come at a better time.  She was so excited to try it, and it even comes with a headband to hold her hair back during washing.  I love that it is made with natural ingredients and is very gentle for her young skin.

Last, but definitely not least are these encouraging #strongselfie cards the girls can hand out to their friends!  We rise by lifting others and these adorable cards are a perfect way for  young girls to spread positivity at such a young age.  This just might be our favorite part of the whole box.  Everything inside is meant to lift, encourage and support young girls as they grow into beautiful young women.  We could not be more excited to partner with Strong Selfie as they offer our supporters 20% off their first box.  Just use Code Fashion20 at check out!  Visit to learn more about these awesome boxes.


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